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Our love of Boston Terriers began over 55 years ago.

One of my few childhood  memories is of our Boston Terriers
when I was about 2 years old.  I remember Puggie Lou's puppies
in a box in the garage.  

A few months after we were married - we purchased our first
dog - A Boston Terrier.  Now over 3
4 years later, we and all four
of our children have Bostons.   
We live in the country and with all of  
our animals - we have had
many types of babies.  We only started raising Bostons about
years ago after we realized that our children had never
experienced delight of raising puppies.   Thus, our collection
began - one at a time, each of our children acquired their own
and learned the responsibility and joy of dog ownership.

We have puppies from time to time.  If you would like to be on
our contact list of when a puppy is available, please fill out the
contact information below.

the puppies I remember

I am the baby in this picture